Sat. Jan 13th, 2024
Oaklandbased 40m Series Avenue

In a major funding milestone, Mayvenn, a cutting-edge beauty-tech company based in Oakland, CA, has successfully raised $40 million in Series C funding.

Strategic Backing: Cleveland Ave Takes the Lead

The Series C funding round was spearheaded by Cleveland Ave, showcasing the confidence of leading investors in Mayvenn’s potential. Noteworthy participation also came from the Growth Equity business within Goldman Sachs Asset Management and a16z.

Fueling Innovation: Mayvenn’s Vision for Stylist Empowerment

Mayvenn, under the leadership of CEO Diishan Imira, is set to utilize the secured funds to further enhance and expand its digital platform. The focus is on developing additional productivity tools catered to stylists, reinforcing the company’s commitment to empowering beauty professionals.

Holistic Beauty Ecosystem: Mayvenn’s Comprehensive Platform

Mayvenn operates as a dual-faceted platform, offering both an e-commerce tool and a salon services marketplace. With a network comprising over 50,000 hair stylists nationwide, the platform not only facilitates product sales but also acts as a gateway for new clientele. Stylists have the opportunity to earn income by selling beauty products, and over the last two years, Mayvenn has seamlessly expanded into the salon services domain, curating a network of beauty professionals.

Bridging Physical and Digital: Mayvenn Beauty Lounges at Walmart

Mayvenn has strategically positioned its Beauty Lounges inside five Walmart locations in Texas. These Lounges serve as retail hubs for purchasing hair extensions and wigs while also functioning as virtual booking centers. Customers can digitally explore local Mayvenn network stylists and conveniently book salon services. The success of these Beauty Lounges is evident, generating revenue from both product sales and marketplace salon services.

Ambitious Expansion: Mayvenn’s Omni-Channel Strategy

With ambitious plans in motion, Mayvenn aims to expand its Beauty Lounges to a staggering 400 Walmart locations. This bold omni-channel strategy not only scales Mayvenn’s brand and platform but also promises to be a lucrative avenue for tens of thousands of local hair stylists and small salon businesses. Mayvenn’s commitment to a holistic approach in the beauty industry positions it as a trailblazer in creating opportunities for professionals while meeting the diverse needs of its clientele.

In conclusion, Mayvenn’s successful Series C funding round signals a new era of growth and innovation in the beauty-tech sector. With a focus on empowering stylists, expanding its platform, and embracing an omni-channel strategy, Mayvenn is poised to make a lasting impact on the beauty industry, solidifying its position as a leader in the evolving landscape of beauty-tech.

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