Revolutionizing Grocery Shopping: Crisp Secures €75M Funding and Expands with Eetfabriek Acquisition

Amsterdam-based online-only supermarket, Crisp, has marked a significant milestone by securing a substantial €75 million in its latest funding round. This funding boost, which includes contributions from steadfast long-term investors like Target Global and Keen Venture Partners, as well as new support from prominent Dutch entrepreneurs, positions Crisp for even greater success in the competitive grocery market.

Strategic Investment Landscape

Long-term Backing and New Influential Players

Half of the impressive funding comes from loyal long-term investors, showcasing their confidence in Crisp’s business model and growth trajectory. Notable contributors include Target Global and Keen Venture Partners. However, the other half welcomes new investors of considerable influence, such as Adriaan Mol, founder of Mollie and co-founder of MessageBird, Sander van der Laan, former CEO at Action and Albert Heijn, and Joes Daemen, founder of Somerset Capital Partners.

Expanding Horizons: Crisp’s Acquisition of Eetfabriek

Eetfabriek: Local Delights at Your Doorstep

Crisp’s recent acquisition of local food supplier Eetfabriek adds a new layer to its strategic expansion. Situated in the heart of Vosdonk, the Netherlands, Eetfabriek specializes in delivering a delightful array of sandwiches, drinks, smoothies, treats, and meals.

Enriching the Fresh Assortment

With Eetfabriek on board, Crisp anticipates a significant expansion of its fresh assortment, increasing the variety of ready-to-eat dishes from 15 to an impressive 50, predominantly seasonal options. Crisp remains committed to delivering outstanding cuisine by prioritizing high-quality ingredients, making gourmet experiences affordable for its customers.

CEO Insight: Tom Peeters on Crisp’s Culinary Journey

A Culinary Adventure Unfolds

Tom Peeters, CEO of Crisp, emphasizes the company’s commitment to understanding customers’ taste preferences and sourcing top-quality, local, and seasonal produce. The acquisition of Eetfabriek enables Crisp to elevate its offerings, transforming fresh produce into flavorful dishes through its in-house kitchen led by professional chefs.

Scaling Success: From #21 to Top Three Local Sources

Eetfabriek’s longstanding partnership with Crisp has borne fruit, scaling the channel from being the 21st to one of the top three largest local sources featured on the app.

Unveiling Crisp: The Supermarket App Redefining Freshness

A Fresh Perspective: Crisp’s Inception

Launched in November 2018 by visionaries Tom Peeters, Michiel Roodenburg, and Eric Klaassen, Crisp strives to democratize access to superior quality food. Positioned as the go-to supermarket app for fresh produce, Crisp has experienced exponential growth, doubling its customer base and order volume over the past year.

Seamless Distribution: The Crisp Advantage

Crisp operates seamlessly, distributing groceries across the Netherlands and Belgium seven days a week. Orders placed through the app before 10 PM are delivered the next day. Boasting a diverse assortment, Crisp features products from over 800 local farmers and food providers.

Sustainable Growth: A Commitment to Excellence

Crisp’s success extends beyond traditional groceries, with the company witnessing a 36% increase in its product range in 2022. The introduction of non-food items contributes to this growth, aligning with Crisp’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Future Outlook: Navigating Challenges and Meeting Demands

Adapting to Economic Shifts

Tom Peeters acknowledges the challenging market dynamics, including global increases in commodity prices and energy costs. However, Crisp’s model, with its short supply chain and energy-efficient infrastructure, positions the company advantageously, ensuring shorter distances and heightened efficiency without the burden of offline stores.

Customer-Centric Approach

In the face of evolving economic climates, Crisp remains a beacon of stability. Recognizing the findings of international research by McKinsey, Crisp addresses the growing importance of fresh and conscious eating. The company’s commitment to accessibility, even amid complexity, positions it as a solution to evolving consumer needs.

Industry Recognition and Accolades

Acknowledged Excellence

In June 2022, Crisp received the title of ‘Most Innovative’ e-commerce company from industry platform Emerce. Additionally, the company was crowned ‘Best Online Supermarket’ by research firm GfK in terms of offering, service, price, and quality, further solidifying Crisp’s position as an industry leader.

In conclusion, Crisp’s recent funding success and strategic acquisition signal a new era of growth and innovation for the online-only supermarket. As it continues to redefine the grocery shopping experience, Crisp stands poised to lead the charge in delivering fresh, high-quality products to discerning customers across the Netherlands and Belgium.

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