Point.me Raises $10M in Series A Funding

In a significant stride towards transforming the travel industry, Point.me, a cutting-edge New York-based company, has successfully raised $10 million in Series A funding. This financial backing, spearheaded by Thayer Ventures and joined by influential investors including PAR Capital Ventures, RiverPark Ventures, Plug and Play Ventures, MoreThanCapital, Gaingels, and the visionary Co-Founders of ITA Software (now recognized as Google Flights), David Baggett and Carl de Marcken, marks a pivotal moment for the real-time metasearch engine.

Enhancing Enterprise Partnerships

The primary focus of this substantial funding round is to propel the growth of Point.me’s enterprise partnerships with leading U.S. card issuers. The infusion of capital is strategically aimed at fortifying existing collaborations and forging new connections within the travel and financial sectors.

Elevating the Concierge Experience

Under the leadership of Founder and CEO Adam Morvitz, Point.me aims to elevate its concierge service to unprecedented heights. The company envisions providing an unparalleled travel discovery tool and points concierge service, redefining how loyalty program members discover and book flights using their accumulated points.

Scaling Consumer Subscription Business

Point.me is not just limited to serving enterprise clients; it is also committed to enhancing the consumer experience. A significant portion of the funds raised will be allocated to scale its consumer subscription business. This expansion is poised to bring an array of benefits to users, ensuring they have access to exclusive perks and privileges.

Unveiling Point.me’s Travel Discovery Tool

At the core of Point.me’s offering is a revolutionary travel discovery tool. Empowered by a proprietary algorithm, this tool scours over 150 airlines to unveil the most lucrative flight deals. From economy class to the epitome of luxury in first and business class travel, Point.me ensures users have comprehensive options at their fingertips.

Navigating Loyalty Programs with Ease

Point.me collaborates with over 30 loyalty programs, encompassing credit card rewards and more. The platform allows customers to seamlessly filter search results based on their preferences, including preferred loyalty programs, airlines, routes, and point balances. This tailored approach ensures users find the most relevant and rewarding options tailored to their individual needs.

Partnerships with Leading Credit Card Providers

Currently, the POINT.ME platform operates seamlessly in collaboration with some of the industry’s top credit card providers. Partnerships include American Express, Bilt, Capital One, Chase, Citi, and several others. This strategic alignment ensures that Point.me users have access to an extensive network of loyalty rewards, further enriching their travel experience.

In conclusion, Point.me’s successful Series A funding round not only underscores its potential but also signals a transformative era in the world of travel rewards. As the company propels its growth, strengthens partnerships, and enhances its services, users can expect an unparalleled travel experience, personalized to their preferences and loyalty program affiliations. Point.me is not just a metasearch engine; it is a catalyst for redefining how we perceive and engage with travel rewards.

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