Temedica Raises Additional €25M in Series B Funding | Germanybased Temedica 25m series

Germanybased Temedica 25m series

Temedica, the Munich, Germany-based health insights company, has successfully raised €25 million in Series B funding, marking a pivotal moment in its journey toward transforming healthcare through personalized and individualized medicine. The funding round, led by MIG Capital and supported by a Munich-based family office, brings Temedica’s total funding to an impressive €42 million.

Fueling Expansion for Holistic Patient Care Realities

The primary objective of this Series B funding is to accelerate the expansion of Temedica’s comprehensive ecosystem. This ecosystem seamlessly integrates health-related data to provide holistic insights into the care realities and patient journeys of millions of individuals. By combining data from various sources, Temedica aims to offer a nuanced understanding of patients’ needs and experiences.

Leadership and Vision: Gloria Seibert at the Helm

Under the leadership of CEO and Founder Gloria Seibert, Temedica is committed to advancing personalized and individualized medicine. The company focuses on linking health-related data from diverse sources, ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations to prioritize patient privacy.

Unveiling the Power of Data: 40 Billion Data Points and Counting

Temedica’s strength lies in its ability to derive health-related insights from an extensive pool of data. With over 40 billion data points covering more than 50,000 diagnoses, the company explores critical aspects such as disease progression, treatment effectiveness, patient journeys, and medication adherence.

A Comprehensive Ecosystem: Connecting Diverse Data Sources

Temedica’s ecosystem is a nexus of information, bringing together data from various sources, including registry data, sales data of medically relevant products, insurance data, patient experience data, and patient-generated data from companion apps (with explicit patient consent). This multifaceted approach ensures that the insights gleaned provide tangible value to stakeholders across the healthcare spectrum.

Tangible Benefits for Stakeholders

The insights generated by Temedica’s connected data offer tangible benefits to a wide range of stakeholders within the healthcare system. These include patients, healthcare professionals, clinics, research institutions, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and pharmacies. By fostering collaboration and leveraging data-driven insights, Temedica aims to enhance the overall effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare delivery.

Shaping the Future of Healthcare

As Temedica embarks on the next phase of its journey with the newly acquired Series B funding, the company is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of healthcare. By championing personalized and individualized medicine, Temedica is not only responding to the needs of today but is also laying the groundwork for a healthcare landscape that prioritizes precision and patient-centricity.

In conclusion, Temedica’s successful Series B funding positions the company as a trailblazer in health insights, driving innovation and fostering a future where healthcare is truly tailored to the unique needs of each individual.

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