Raises $30M in Funding | Francebased API 30m Riverside Capital

Francebased API 30m Riverside Capital

In a significant stride toward API excellence,, headquartered in Lille, Hauts-de-France, successfully secured a substantial $30 million in funding. This funding round, spearheaded by Riverside Acceleration Capital (RAC), saw notable participation from industry leaders Kreos Capital, AlbionVC, and Oxx.

Powering Progress: A Boost for API Management and Security

Having previously raised $11 million in its Series A funding, is strategically poised to leverage this fresh capital injection. The primary focus is on propelling the development and go-to-market strategies for its cutting-edge API Management and security platform.

Unveiling’s Vision

Under the adept leadership of CEO Rory Blundell, stands as a beacon for innovation. The company champions an open-source API platform, empowering developers and business users globally. The platform facilitates the seamless creation, management, and monitoring of APIs throughout their entire lifecycle. From initial design to meticulous management, robust security measures, and efficient deployment – all conveniently orchestrated within a unified dashboard.

Navigating the Advantage

1. Holistic API Lifecycle Management stands out by offering a comprehensive approach to API lifecycle management. Developers and business users alike benefit from a streamlined process covering design, management, security, and deployment.

2. Open Source Empowerment

The open-source nature of fosters collaboration and innovation. Developers can harness the platform’s capabilities to create tailored solutions that align precisely with their requirements.

3. Global Enterprise Adoption

With a client portfolio boasting names like Auchan, SwissPost, Tide, PostNL, and Derivative Path, has transcended geographical boundaries. Industries across the spectrum have embraced its services, attesting to its versatility and effectiveness.

Future Horizons: Accelerated Development and Market Reach

The latest funding injection propels into an exciting phase of accelerated development. The company aims to further enrich its platform, introducing advanced features and ensuring a seamless user experience. Simultaneously, an expanded go-to-market strategy is set to enhance its global footprint, bringing the advantages of to a broader audience.

In conclusion,’s recent funding success marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of API management. With a visionary leadership team, a commitment to open source, and a global clientele, is poised to redefine the landscape of API solutions. As the journey unfolds, the tech world eagerly anticipates the innovations and advancements this funding round will catalyze.

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