Nightfall AI Raises $40M in Series B Funding | ai 40m Series Westbridge Capital

ai 40m Series Westbridge Capital

Nightfall AI, a leading cloud data loss prevention platform based in San Francisco, CA, has successfully raised $40 million in its latest Series B funding round.

Powerhouse Backing: WestBridge Capital Takes the Lead

In a significant move for Nightfall AI, WestBridge Capital spearheaded the Series B funding round, showcasing confidence in the platform’s potential. Noteworthy participants include Next Play Capital, Bain Capital Ventures, Venrock, Pear VC, and prominent individuals like Paul Rudd, Drew Brees, and Josh Childress. The infusion of capital also welcomed Sumir Chadha, co-founder, and managing partner at WestBridge Capital, to Nightfall AI’s Board of Directors.

Fueling Growth and Innovation

Nightfall AI plans to leverage the newly acquired funds to amplify its presence in both customer reach and diverse markets. The company aims to expand its integration and partner ecosystem significantly. Additionally, the funds will be instrumental in advancing the platform, introducing innovative products, and addressing specific use cases as per customer demands.

Unleashing the Power of Machine Learning

At the core of Nightfall AI’s capabilities is its adept use of machine learning. The platform excels in identifying sensitive data with unparalleled accuracy across popular applications such as Slack, Salesforce, Atlassian, and GitHub. What sets Nightfall AI apart is its ability to rectify data exposure and hygiene issues automatically, all without causing any disruption to end-users.

Comprehensive Solutions: SaaS Data Protection and Developer Empowerment

Nightfall AI boasts a robust SaaS data protection platform alongside the Nightfall Developer Platform. The latter serves as an open and flexible space for developers to seamlessly integrate data classification and protection capabilities wherever needed. This is achieved through the platform’s innovative delivery of its detection engine, provided as a collection of cloud-hosted APIs and SDKs.

Collaborative Ventures: Expanding Capabilities Through Strategic Partnerships

Nightfall AI has strategically forged partnerships with key players in the tech industry, including Snyk, Cribl, Virtru, Hanzo, and more. These collaborations aim to enhance partner capabilities by embedding Nightfall’s cutting-edge detection features into their respective offerings.

In summary, Nightfall AI’s recent Series B funding not only secures its financial standing but propels the company into a phase of accelerated growth and innovation. With a focus on expanding its reach, fostering collaborative partnerships, and advancing its technological prowess, Nightfall AI is poised to revolutionize cloud data protection in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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