Atlas Raises Series B Strategic Investment of Up to $200M | Singaporebased Atlas Technology Series 200m Sixth

Singaporebased Atlas Technology Series 200m Sixth

Atlas, headquartered in Chicago, IL, emerges as a trailblazing Employer of Record (EOR) Solutions and Technology solutions provider, having successfully raised an impressive $200 million in Series B funding.

Strategic Leadership Addition

Nari Ansari, the Managing Director at Sixth Street Growth, will bring his expertise to Atlas’ board of directors as part of the funding collaboration. This move emphasizes the strategic equity investment made by Sixth Street Growth in Atlas.

Fueling Growth and Innovation

The infusion of $200 million is earmarked to fortify Atlas’s global workforce by attracting top-tier talent. Simultaneously, the company aims to expand its suite of HR product offerings, with a particular focus on enhancing the technology platform. Additionally, emphasis will be placed on software localization and the introduction of real-time, in-region customer service support.

Rick Hammell’s Vision: Redefining Global Workforce Management

Under the visionary leadership of CEO Rick Hammell, Atlas stands out as a direct Employer of Record (EOR) with a robust presence in over 160 countries. The company specializes in providing companies with the flexibility to expand globally, seamlessly onboard talent, navigate complex compliance issues, and manage the payroll of their global workforce, all without the necessity for a local entity.

Global Reach, Local Impact

Atlas’s unique position as an EOR Solutions and Technology solutions provider empowers companies to overcome borders effortlessly. This is achieved by streamlining the process of onboarding talent and ensuring compliance across diverse international landscapes.

The Future Unveiled: Atlas’ Strategic Roadmap

The successful Series B funding marks a significant milestone in Atlas’s journey, positioning the company for accelerated growth and innovation. With a focus on expanding its global footprint and enriching its HR product suite, Atlas is poised to redefine the landscape of global workforce management.

In conclusion, Atlas’s substantial funding success, coupled with strategic leadership additions, underscores its commitment to revolutionizing global workforce solutions. The company’s vision, under the guidance of CEO Rick Hammell, is set to reshape how businesses navigate the complexities of global expansion and workforce management.

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