CoinSwitch Review: A Comprehensive Guide to Cryptocurrency Trading

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, CoinSwitch Kuber stands out as a powerhouse, fostering collaboration with global giants such as Coinbase, Tiger Global, and Ribbit Capital. Boasting competitive prices across a spectrum of over 100 cryptocurrencies, CoinSwitch Kuber is not just a platform; it’s an ecosystem that invites traders into a realm of diverse and rewarding trading experiences.

CoinSwitch Kuber’s Rise: A Glimpse into the Future

Traders Union’s insightful 2023 CoinSwitch review affirms the platform’s intrinsic value and potential. The triumphant Series B funding round, securing a substantial $25 million in 2021, is a testament to CoinSwitch Kuber’s promising trajectory. This financial backing reflects the market’s unwavering confidence in the platform’s future expansion and innovation.

Exploring CoinSwitch: The Pros and Cons

Traders Union’s 2023 review meticulously outlines the pros and cons of opting for CoinSwitch Kuber in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading.


  1. Affordability for All: A modest minimum deposit of approximately $2 caters to traders of all levels.
  2. Global Liquidity Access: Seamlessly tap into the liquidity of major global exchanges through an intuitive mobile application.
  3. Diverse Trading Instruments: A wide array of trading instruments for a comprehensive trading experience.
  4. Fee-Free Transactions: Enjoy a limited period where buying and selling cryptocurrencies incur no transaction fees.
  5. Fee-Free Deposits and Withdrawals: Bid farewell to deposit and withdrawal fees, whether in fiat or cryptocurrencies.
  6. Lucrative Referral System: Easily earn referral fees with straightforward conditions.
  7. Informative Blog: Stay informed with the platform’s blog featuring cryptocurrency reviews and financial market news.


  1. Lack of Leverage Trading: The absence of leverage trading options.
  2. Limited Investment Solutions: No offered investment solutions, necessitating trading with personal capital.
  3. Fiat Currency Restriction: Only Indian Rupee (INR) is accepted as fiat currency.
  4. Card-Based Transactions: Unfortunately, card-based deposits and withdrawals are not supported.

Expert Evaluation: Unveiling CoinSwitch Kuber

Traders Union’s experts conducted a thorough examination of CoinSwitch Kuber, a distinctive cryptocurrency exchange established in 2017. Operating as a mediator, not a liquidity provider, the platform connects traders with major exchanges for optimal trading experiences.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Flexible Trading: Users can engage in market, instant, 24-hour, 7-day, or 90-day limited orders.
  2. Mobile-Exclusive Trading: Trading is exclusively conducted through mobile applications, with no web platform.
  3. User-Friendly for All Levels: Designed for traders of all experience levels, including beginners.
  4. Security: User login security is fortified by a four-digit PIN code.
  5. Active Presence: The company maintains an active presence on multiple social media platforms and is featured on Bloomberg.
  6. Deposit and Withdrawal Considerations: The platform does not support card deposits or transactions involving DOGE, ZIL, THETA, or NEO. Cryptocurrency withdrawals and fiat deposits are occasionally disabled, as per site announcements.

Analyzing CoinSwitch: A Numerical Overview

Traders Union analysts assessed CoinSwitch based on specific criteria, providing a numerical breakdown of its performance.

  • Overall Score: 3.44
  • Execution of Orders: 3.23 out of 10
  • Investment Instruments: 3.65 out of 10
  • Withdrawal Speed: 3.29 out of 10
  • Customer Support: 3.59 out of 10
  • Instrument Variety: 3.07 out of 10
  • Trading Platform: 3.81 out of 10

Unveiling CoinSwitch’s Features and Conditions

Traders Union’s comprehensive review delves into CoinSwitch Kuber’s services and trading conditions, offering a closer look at what the platform has to offer.

  • Primary Focus: Cryptocurrency exchange and active trading.
  • Investment Solutions: No staking or interest for asset storage in the CoinSwitch wallet.
  • Passive Income: Access passive income through referral fees for onboarding new traders.
  • Large Investor Support: Assistance available for investments over $10,000 via email or website feedback form.

CoinSwitch’s Lucrative Affiliate Program

CoinSwitch Kuber entices users with a rewarding affiliate program. Both the client and the referral receive an equivalent of 50 INR in BTC upon successful KYC verification of the new user. The platform’s trading conditions are transparent, with a minimum deposit of ₹100 and 1:1 leverage.

Operating 24/7, CoinSwitch supports trading through mobile applications on both Android and iOS. Funding accounts is a breeze, with options including UPI, IMPS, NEFT, RTGS, and bank transfers for both INR and cryptocurrency.

CoinSwitch in Comparison: A Comparative Analysis

Traders Union draws a parallel between CoinSwitch Kuber and other prominent brokers in the cryptocurrency trading landscape.

  • Bybit: Unlike Bybit’s focus on derivative trading, CoinSwitch Kuber provides direct cryptocurrency trading with multiple global exchanges.
  • OKEx: CoinSwitch Kuber simplifies the trading process and offers a user-friendly interface compared to OKEx, which focuses on futures trading.
  • Binance: While Binance operates as a standalone exchange, CoinSwitch Kuber acts as an aggregator of multiple global exchanges.
  • Huobi Global: In contrast to Huobi Global’s diverse offerings, CoinSwitch Kuber streamlines the trading process by focusing primarily on cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • KuCoin: Unlike KuCoin’s lending and staking services, CoinSwitch Kuber prioritizes providing competitive prices for direct cryptocurrency trading.

Conclusion: Navigating the Crypto Seas with CoinSwitch Kuber

In the vast expanse of cryptocurrency trading, CoinSwitch Kuber emerges as a unique platform. Its aggregation of various global exchanges, coupled with user-friendly features and competitive pricing, positions it as a promising contender in the crypto world. Despite certain limitations, CoinSwitch Kuber offers a simplified and advantageous trading environment.

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